Heavy Ball

Realm Of Discipline - Heavy Ball - Mistress Belleza
Mistress Belleza Pain has an X Marked on this submissive’s pair of Balls. Mistress doesn’t appreciate a small cock and when she encounters one her wrath is taken out on the next closest body part, their testicles. She clamps, kicks, slaps, electicutes & humiliates this sad excuse of a man into submission.

Quest for Golden Nectar

Realm Of Discipline - Quest for Golden Nectar - Mistress Belleza
Mistress knows all. She knows what kind of perverted kinky follower you really are. She knows how you salivate at the thought of her golden nectar. Will Mistress bless you with an intimate up close session of her nectar production. She will allow you to taste some if you behave. Are you worthy of her nectar?

Foot Crush

Realm Of Discipline - Foot Crush - Mistress Belleza
Mistress has a need to CRUSH someones face today. Any face will do. Preferably a poor pathetic man would be best. Sure enough, a lonely gutless soul walks into her Realm of Discipline and finds himself under the full body weight of Mistress. Her entire weight is walking, pressing, crushing and slapping his face until he almost passes out,

Ball Torture

Realm Of Discipline - Ball Torture - Mistress Belleza
Mistress Belleza Pain licks her chops when she encounters a fresh pair of manly balls. She drools at the chance to vividly express exactly who is in fucking charge. She uses all her ammunition to deliver pain and torture to her poor slave’s testicles and cock. Nothing is left for chance. Thsi man has to suffer the old fashion way, by pain… lots of pain.

Electric Wrath

Realm Of Discipline - Electric Wrath - Mistress Belleza
Mistress Belleza Pain is in NO mood to play. She has to unleash her fury the only way she knows how. Her male submissive is tied down awaiting his punishment. First Mistress cracks hinm a few time then she pulls out the paddle and beats him until he pleads with her to stop. Then she pulls out the electric racquet and starts to electicute his balls creating a spark and leap with every jolt. This submissive will never forget this lesson in discipline.

Sissy Training

Realm Of Discipline - Sissy Training - Mistress Belleza
My slave doesn’t really know what to expect, they never really do. I’mm in total command. Watch me take away his manhood completely from his poor underserving soul. I put a large strap on and force my big PORN cock down his throat. He GAGS sop hard he throws up his lunch, just a little. I force him to keep sucking my big cock until I hav enough of his pathetic little self.

Forced Bi-Sexual

Realm Of Discipline - Forced Bi-Sexual - Mistress Belleza
Against his will, Mistress’s submissive is forced to suck a strangers cock. He thought he was heterosexual until he had a throat full of cock. Mistress starts by prepping his ass for a large DILDO. As his face is being forced down a hard cock, Mistress starts to go deep up his tight ass. She keeps her slave humble by reminding him how fortunate he is to have her fucking him. He moans in pain as his asshole stretches wider and wider. Welcome tot he Realm of Discipline.

Xtreme Team Ass Smothering

Realm Of Discipline - Xtreme Team Ass Smothering - Mistress Belleza
By now our poor submissive slave has an idea of what to expect, or does he? We release his balls and start giving it to him with vengeance. We whip, smack and torture his cock and balls. We take turns squatting on his face. We take the air away from his lungs as we continue to inflict immense pain on his whole body. Crush his balls, whip his cock. He doesn’t deserve to breathe our air.

Naked Flogging

Realm Of Discipline - Naked Flogging - Mistress Belleza
Our tour of torture continues as we now strap our victim down and disrobe him entirely. We ridicule his tiny little cock and prepare him for the ultimate in PAIN. His bare fair sjkin is going to feel the wrath of the powerful trio. Together, united we shall break this slave down and render him useless. Watch the games begin.

Group Violation

Realm Of Discipline - Group Violation - Mistress Belleza
When Mistress Belleza Pain & Mistress Persia team up, Diabolika has no choice but to succumb to any demand they have. Alone their powerful enough but when they unite, they become invincible. They wake Diabolika up and start to violate her deeply and repeatidly. Diabolika tries to convince them to stop but she soon gives in to her orgasmic waves.